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Connect with your hearts longing

May 13, 2017 03:00PM

Are you feeling lost? Disconnected? Feeling like you want something more or different from life but not sure what that is? Did you imagine that you would be in a “different” place by “this” time? It’s easy to get distracted from our life’s true purpose, true intention.

When is the last time you listened to yourself? Listened to your deep, intentional thoughts? Listened to your subconscious mind?

This workshop is “The Invitation” to your life. It will help you to connect with your bliss self, the self that allows you to be invited to your life and live it to its fullest potential.  Come meditate, be creative, and reflect on your deepest desires, your heart’s longing.

You can transform your life---the power is within you. If this speaks to you, do it. Listen to your intuition and guide your life.