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April 7, 2018 10:00AM

Day Event

Connecting to Spirit through your Goddess alignment

Jeanne Street,  internationally renowned Spiritual Medium and Author will be your guide in opening to Spirit on a soul level.

With principles taken from her book The Goddess You, she will teach you how to communicate with your higher soul-self, and open your intuitive connection, while you discover the Spiritual guidance that is waiting for you.

This Day workshop includes:

~Understanding the Me, Myself & I

Opening your senses & understanding ego

~Moving through your blocks

Energetic clearing & forgiveness

~Good Vibrations

Divine source & balance

~ Grooving Goddess

Angels and more

Witness Divine connections throughout the day as Jeanne shares with you Spirit’s guiding messages … they will surely inspire your soul growth.

You will leave The Goddess workshop with an enlightened viewpoint and  confidence in connecting to your unique, intuitive Goddess soul-self & in your connection to the Divine realm.

*This workshop covers the pre req. to attend the Spiritual Healers Course