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New* IGNITE & EMPOWER SESSION… empaths and highly sensitive people

April 21, 2018 01:00PM

I am super excited to bring you the all new Ignite & Empower Sessions! Each month I will be offering a new topic of discussion and supportive insights designed to ignite and empower you to create the amazing change you seek in your life.

Blessing, xx Jeanne Street

Topic 1: Empaths and Highly Sensitive People


When: Saturday April 21

Time: 1pm - 3pm

Where: Inspirit Healing Studio, Woodbury CT


Are you ready to:
Transform your life?
Heal and release emotional pain and blocks?
Awaken your purpose?
Embrace your joy and future with a renewal of love?

In this transformational 2-hour session you will learn:

The difference between an empath and highly sensitive person.

How to tell your energy from someone else's energy.

How you can instantly clear negative energy.

Guided meditation to align your chakra system.

An open Q&A will follow.