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August 21, 2017 09:00AM


Pure of Heart Comprehensive Week with Jeanne Street

This program is set in motion as a guidepost for the child with heightened gifts. The week long program will meet for 3 hours a day.

Children will be instructed on:

Monday: Gifts, talents and what they mean to you

Tuesday: Intuition, how to understand what your senses are telling you

Wednesday: Energy, how to balance and protect yourself

Thursday: Meditation, a practice just for you

Friday: What serves you and what does not


Parents are encouraged to attend the first and last class as an observer.

Parent can also choose to attend as a participant with a 30.00 per day drop in fee. Please keep in mind that the focus of this session will be on the children.


Monday August 24th  through Friday August 28th 9 am to noon

Jeanne Street is a God based Medium, Healer, Author and Founder of Inspirit Healing Studio. You can find out more at www.jeannestreet.com