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May 17, 2018 05:00PM

You will receive many benefits from taking this course:

You will  begin to open your gifts and expand your senses to receive new levels of  Spiritual energy.

You will learn  skills and collect tools that will guide you to break away from conformity and traditional thinking and open your mind to new thought experiences.

Your life will become harmonized with God and Divine energy as you learn to connect with your passions and purpose You will gain a deeper understanding of your relationship with Source that will take your life to a level of a higher vibration.

You will learn the art and value of unconditional self love.

You will find after taking the Spiritual Healers Course that your life and work will be filled with unlimited joy as you continue to experience  unconditional love.

Are you ready to feel more connected and supported as you take your life to the next level?

This course contains 3 main sections.

Here is some of what you will learn.

  Section One...

~Reflections taken from The Goddess Workshop and their direct connection to  your personal Spiritual alignment.

~Reiki Level 1 will be taught with a connection to Christianity.

~ Introduction to the Chakras and understanding your own energy.

~You will explore vibrational energy in foods and learn about raw & clean  eating.

~You will gain an understanding of Spirit animals and Angel connections and   how they are provided to teach and guide us.

~You will learn about energy & space clearing.

~ You will participate in the practical application of energy healing.

~ You will receive your first Reiki Attunement during your retreat day #1.

 Section Two...

~You will learn how to break through old thought patterns and heal on a soul  level.

~ You will learn about the Clairs, empathy and being a highly sensitive person.

~ You will learn how to connect with the Divine through your senses.

~You will learn how to connect to Spirit.

~Reiki Level 2 taught with a connection to Christianity.

~You will learn the different methods of clearing.

~You learn about guided meditation and experience one first hand as I  take you on a meditative journey to meet your Guardian Angel and Spirit  Animal. 

~ Receive your second Reiki Attunement during your retreat day #2.

 Section Three...

~ You will learn how to know, understand and use your gifts to flow with Divine energy.

~ Reiki Level 3, Master Teacher.

~You will use the tools and methods you have learned over the last two months to practice hands on healing throughout this section.

~How to work with and read your clients Chakras and energy while maintaining balance and  alignment with your own energy.

~You will learn how to "run" energy.

~You will use your skills in a group setting.

~You will learn how to host a Spiritual session.

~You will learn how to pass an Attunement.

~  On Graduation and final retreat day  you will receive your Reiki Level 3 Attunement.


Pre Req requirement: The Goddess Workshop

Payment plans available on request please contact Jeanne 203-788-9338 or jeanne@jeannestreet.com