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The Goddess You Workshop Bundle


Workshop 2 Moving Through “It”

Energy Basics • Healing the Block • Let It Go

Workshop Overview: Uncovering the “it” is the focus for the second workshop in The Goddess You Principals. Now that the foundation has been formed with the first workshop that taught you the first 3 Principles you will begin the frame work of you connection to your soul self with Principles 4,5 & 6. I will bring you on joyful adventure within the Moving Through ‘It” workshop. Get ready to erase those icky cob webs of energy that have been blocking your path while you begin to open a new view on forgiveness and faith.

You are sure to be squeaky clean energetically and have your new tools ready for action before the workshop even ends!

Workshop 3 Good Vibrations

Chakra Basics • Healthy Wealthy & Wise • Keep Calm

Workshop Overview:Workshop 3 gets you grooving in your soul’s highest vibration. Discover your unique energy pathway that connects you to Divine source. Groove energetically relaxing within the powerful components layered within the three principles you will work with. The group discussion will surely be fun for all when you get grooving in your soul vibration.

Workshop 4 Groovy Goddess You

Help I’ve lost my Balance • Mind Body Spirit • Intuitive You

Workshop overview:The Groovy Goddess You workshop blends Divine connection with your highest vibrational Goddess self. The final workshop will entertain your senses and provide a fun easy environment for soul discovery while being both informative and life changing. I can’t lie you won’t be the same person when you leave this transformational workshop.