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Writing from the heart

May 13, 2017 04:30PM

Writing from the Heart: A Somatic Writing Workshop

What is Somatic Writing?

Somatic Writing is a process of writing from the heart and soul which begins with a gentle yoga flow experience designed to open the chakras. Through a 40-minute sequence of gentle yoga postures, we unblock energy and open the heart to the creative process. We then move on to a series of “listening, hearing, and feeling” exercises which help the participant expand their “feeling” vocabulary and to capture it on paper with the written word. We then move to the famous Ernest Hemmingway “six-word story” which invites participants to create a story using only 6 words, then expanding on their stories to create a paragraph, page, or the beginning of their novel or memoir!

Who is this for?

•  For individuals who would like to write and don’t know where to start

•  For people who enjoy writing and would like an opportunity to write and share their writing with others in small group setting

•  For those who believe they have a story inside of them that is waiting to be told!