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“God calls us each to do our part, to first love and heal ourselves and then to love and help through our service to others spreading God’s unending healing love.”

-Jeanne Street owner of Inspirit Healing Studio


Spiritual Medium, Healer, Author & Founder of Inspirit Healing Studio

Wherever there is a need, Street finds a way to lend a helping hand. Her life embodies the essence of service, compassion, gratitude and love.

She is a family first kind of woman. Devoted to her husband and soul mate of 31  years, together they are the proud parents of four grown children and grandparents to 3 and counting.

If you are lucky enough to find yourself in her inner circle, which grows daily, you will find yourself enriched by her love and generosity. But Street does not stop with close friends and family. Her gifts are many and she longs to help as many souls as possible.

Through her classes, workshops,group reading events and client healing sessions Street is now able to witness the profound manifestation of energy shift and divine connection that her clients display. This energy was the catalyst for seeing her dream come to fruition with Inspirit Healing Studio, "when Spirit speaks, Street listens."

It has always been her deepest desire to guide others to heal themselves. Street is honored to share the work she has been divinely guided to do with you.




MS, National Certified Counselor, Pilates Instructor, Reiki Master Teacher

We all long to give and receive love - that is our divine essence and our most sacred contract. The soul is the essence of love: it is made for love, it is at peace in love, it is in joy when there is love.  It is without love that pain occurs.
The answers to our struggles come down to our ability to live in union with our loving soul. Anything outside of that hurts our selves and our relationships.  When we love ourselves wholeheartedly and see others in that same light, our perception begins to shift and our compassion for ourselves and others begins to shift.  In that tiny shift, we begin to live a healthier life and a life that flows. When we shift the smallest behavior toward ourselves and toward others from a place of despair or anger or depression to a place of loving acceptance of ourselves and of others, moment by moment, breath by breath - our world can shift dramatically.
Teresa is a spiritual counselor, reiki master teacher, pilates instructor and national certified counselor with extensive experience working with trauma, crisis, addictions and terminal illness.  In your healing sessions with Teresa, you will begin to understand thatyou have all it takes to heal the wounds that separate you from your true essence. You will be empowered to live life as you are intended - in alignment with love.



Artist, Designer, Art Instructor, Reiki Master, Co-Founder of Inspirit Healing Studio

Visual art has been a major part of artist/designer Kari Del Vecchio's life since she was a little girl. Treasured were her box of crayons and paper. Since those early days she has graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree  from Propersi Institute of Art. She worked at Betty Crocker Inc. as the Creative Services Manager responsible for package design/illustration.   She is an accomplished Artist, Graphic Designer and Intuitive and is proud to be chosen as one of the one hundred Connecticut artists to exhibit in the “The Art of Caring Gala”, an event to benefit Regional Hospice. 

Kari has published coloring books for adults which promotes the healing benifits of meditation, teaches Intuitive Art and has had her illustrations in published works.

Kari loves to work in different mediums. With intuition, positive energy and joy she creates her paintings, illustrations and patterns, and hopes the sensation shines through to the viewer. She finds inspiration from her  surroundings, funny things her teenage twins say or the influence of her youngest daughter's light hearted spirit, her work has been described as whimsical, colorful and fun. She resides in small town CT with her husband and three daughters.  kariddesigns.com


2pam blue gold dress (2)

Certified Medical Reiki Master

Pamela Picard, supports patients before, during & after surgery as well as ​chemotherapy treatments-
My journey in life has brought me to become a loving wife and mother of two amazing boys. In 2008, my youngest son was diagnosed with Brain Cancer. Shortly after his first surgery we discovered his tumor was filled with Lyme Disease. 

After two surgeries within a six month period, a pic-line to the heart with two antibiotics that cross the brain barrier and radiation treatments, he was finally on his way to a stable recovery. During that time my connection to God's loving light through lots of prayer gave me direction to his healing path.  This experience opened my heart to a greater power for helping people heal through Reiki, meditation and nutrition! Since his recovery I have focused my studies in Usui Reiki- receiving a Reiki Master's Certificate, Medical Reiki  Master's Certificate, Science & Art of Herbalism Certificate, Light Touch Massage studies at YALE New Haven Hospital. It is also my pleasure to give some time to Volunteering at Yale New Haven Hospital's Oasis Healing Program and Smilow Cancer Hospital and at Regional Hospice- Center for Comfort, Care and Healing.  I find working with seniors and cancer patients, along with their families, very rewarding.

Also, I am a proud member of Raven Keyes Medical Reiki Membership Association, supporting patients all over the country during Surgery and Chemotherapy Treatments!



LPN, RM, Certified Integrative Life Coach

During the many years of my self healing journey, I have stumbled upon a myriad of healing modalities. Some have resonated with me on a deep soul level while others have not.

What I have noticed on my journey is that every experience in life, the light and superficial ones that pass by quickly without hardly even noticing, and the deep profound ones that rock you to your core, and all of those moments in between are ALL integral micro particles that create the whole of who we are.

What I know for sure is that my self healing work will span over the course of my entire lifetime. As to seek wellness is a deep rooted part of who I am and the desire is too strong to tame.

Some of what I have learned I love to share with others as they move along in their personal journey to health and wellness.

I use a combination of  intuitive reiki, essential oils and life coaching on family and friends.


Marie-Alana LaChance

LPC, HypnoBirthing ® Certified Educator and a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator

Marie-Alana LaChance is an artist at being in the moment and purposefully aware of her clients’ needs. She supports others in connecting with their true intention and invites them to their life.

Marie-Alana’s natural curiosity for people, who they are and who they want to be, is supported by her compassionate and inquisitive nature. She will gently guide and respectfully challenge-- -walking with you down your pathof self-discovery and self-care.

Mindfulness practice is an integral part of her work. The mind, body, and spirit are one and she provides support in connecting the three-- -this helps us to heal from trauma and negative experiences. Some of her offerings that support this goal include Yoga Nidra, Emotional Freedom Therapy, and doTerra essential oils.

Helping to heal families is a personal passion for Marie-Alana. Home is where the heart is and she promotes conscious awareness in pregnancy and parenting. She is a HypnoBirthing ® Certified Educator and a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator. She is dedicated to educating and empowering parents from conception and through the developmental years.

She believes we are all a work in progress and through a trusting relationship she encourages her clients to grow into their full potential with the goal of self-compassion, empowerment, and transformation.

Marie-Alana LaChance is a wife and mother to three children. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor who practices in Newtown. She holds a Masters Degree in Education from Springfield College and a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from College of the Holy Cross.


LMT, Reiki Master, Herbalist, Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Intuitive Energy Healer

Carly is guiding people to love and honor themselves on a daily basis. Through her devotion to healing at age 19 she studied at Kripalu. She became a licensed and certified in Kripalu School of Massage and Bodywork and Yoga Teacher Trainer. She also was an assistant in massage school after graduating. During her time at Kripalu, where she both studied and volunteered, Carly learned various healing modalities including Shamanism, Kundalini, Nutrition, journey dance, energy healing and more. She has devoted over nine years practicing Massage, Energy healing, and yoga. She has taken classes from Lupo Passero of Twin Star School of Herbal Education. She studied herbs in Cost Rica, taken all levels of herbalism classes as well as Rosemary Gladstar's curriculum in Art and Science of Herbalism. Carly also has taken Jeanne Street's Spiritual Healers Course which helped her connect and trust messages from spirit guides and angels. She feels each person can be met as a whole and offers healing on a mind, body, and spirit level.

Since Carly was young, she was drawn to helping people heal in some way. She is deeply passionate about encouraging people to find ways to connect with their true essence. She has found that Meditation, Yoga, Energy healing and Massage have a profound effect on healing the body, mind and soul. Each person goes through healing in their own way and it can be a joyful process deeper into your soul. "Through transformational healing practices, I have learned to honor and trust my spirit. To notice and understand lessons as they come and to listen to my intuitive guidance to move through life with more ease and joy. My highest goal is to provide a compassionate environment for people to find inner awareness to help themselves heal."




Reiki Master

Heather Winston is a gentle kind loving healer with an old soul. She uses her divine connection to help others in her healing sessions. She loves to learn so that she may share and help others grow on their journey.  She is an Intuitive  Certified Reiki Master who performs clearings, and uses her crystal cards, and aromatherapy along with her guides and angels to help lead the way.