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How To Safely Connect To Spirit

December 1, 2018 08:30AM

Are you looking for more out of life?

Connecting to Spirit Through your soul alignment is that more you've been searching for!

Jeanne Street, Spiritual Medium, Healer and Author will be your guide to opening your life to God through the Holy Spirit.

With principles taken from her book The Goddess You, she will teach you how to communicate with your higher soul-self, and open your intuitive connection, while you discover the Spiritual guidance that is waiting for you.

This workshop includes:

~Understanding the Me, Myself & I

Opening your senses & understanding ego

~Moving through your blocks

Energetic clearing & forgiveness

~Good Vibrations

Divine source & balance

~ Grooving Goddess

Angels and more

Witness Divine connections throughout this weekend experience  as Jeanne shares with you Spirit’s guiding messages … they will surely inspire your soul growth.

You will leave this workshop with an enlightened viewpoint and  confidence in connecting to your unique, intuitive soul-self & in your connection to the Divine realm.

Silence is golden and encouraged during this training. Healthy vegan lunch  options will be available for Saturday. You may also bring your own bag lunch.

You won’t be the same person when you leave this transformational weekend!

Saturday workshops : Studio doors will opens at 8 am

8:30 am -10:00 am The day will begin with your personal journey by opening up all aspects of your life. The focus will be on connecting with your higher soul-self  as you learn and integrate self love in order to lay a solid foundation of strength and stability for living in your soul alignment.

10:15 am - 11:45 Uncovering the blocks. Now that the foundation has been formed, you will begin building the frame work by connecting more intimately with  your soul-self and break down the blocks in your path, while you begin to open a new view on forgiveness and faith.

12 to 1 pm Optional lunch available on the lower level and The Meditation Cave will be open

1:15 pm -3:30 pm Find your unique voice and energy pathway as you connect with Divine source. Groove energetically, relaxing within the powerful components that are layered within the three principles you will work with.

3:45 pm - 5 pm  Trusting and connecting to what you see with what you feel intuitively by aligning to signs, symbols and Divine connection while grooving in your soul self. This final workshop will entertain your senses and provide a fun, easy environment for soul your discovery and promises to be life changing.

5:15 pm -7 pm  Closing ceremony with The Holy Spirit Experience guided meditatio


You will be provided with a complimentary copy of The Goddess You Journal, pen and workbook handouts to enhance your weekend experience.

We do recommend that you wear comfortable clothing, and bring a water bottle.

You may choose to bring your own yoga mat and blanket however the studio also has these items available for your complimentary use.