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February 19, 2018 06:00PM

GUIDED SOUND MEDITATION.... like no other!


Jeanne Street

I believe we all have the innate ability to connect to Heaven by opening the mind, body and soul.

During this workshop/ meditation we will will start the experience with a speciality tea blend made to open your Divine energy channels.

Then settle onto your yoga mat or chair, your mind will willingly soothe with the celestial sound meditation that will gently begin releasing energetic blocks from your body. While you encounter the soothing calm of the singing bowls that will quiet your mind chatter you will be guided by the beauty of Angelic guidance channeled by Jeanne as you are led to experience the Holy Spirit.

God says all one has to do to experience the profoundness of the Holy Spirit is to open the mind and heart.In a busy life it is hard to quiet the mind, so you must learn first how to do so.

The Angels show that how you learn to quiet your mind  is by engaging in the right energy. Understanding that the constant chatter within your mind blocks the energetic flow of the Divine. That block is why you end up missing the fullness and magnitude of The Holy Spirit’s love that is always available for you.