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the Wake-up Call

April 28, 2018 09:30AM


A Weekend Retreat



When you hear the term “wake up call”, what is your immediate mental image?

Is it the front desk of the hotel calling your room as requested?

Or is it more like the day you receive a call that your favorite cousin passed away in the night from unknown causes, leaving two small children behind?

Or when the doctor delivers the diagnosis of terminal illness?

You hang up the phone and immediately have a deep sense of appreciation for your own life and the fact that we just never know how much time we have left on this earth.

For others the wake up call is much more subtle and often goes unnoticed, like the quiet tap, tap, tap of a bird’s beak on the window or the drip, drip, drip of the slightly leaky sink that becomes part of the background noise.

It’s a nagging yet persistent poke to pay attention. That poke is your intuition, moral compass, guiding system, soul, God. . . trying to alert you to a message.

That message can be a warning--DANGER AHEAD proceed with caution!

Or it could be a message to look up from what you are doing and notice the open door of opportunity right in front of you, don’t walk past it without peeking to see what’s inside!

What you will experience: 

  • Target the key things you keep recycling in your life over and over that are dissatisfying.
  • Move yourself into the moment of decision.
  • Connect with the spark of your greater purpose and the influence you possess in fulfilling that greater purpose.
  • Reach for an extraordinary life instead of accepting the lot in life you’ve been living. No more existing and getting through the week, waiting for the weekend!
  • Move away from knowledge and into real authentic experience.
  • Learn to feel stronger about your desires than you do about your blocks or self inflicted limitations.
  • Wake up to your desire and yearning each morning, refreshed and renewed.

Saturday June 9th

9:30 am to 5 pm

Cost $200.00 Lunch included

Workshop Day

Deep dive into experiential exercises designed to unblock your inner genius. Learn to recognize and listen to your inner voice. Trust and Receive.

One day retreat includes:
Lunch, beverages, light snacks.
Workbook materials.
Power trainings, visualizations and meditations that you can use daily to continue the work you begin here!