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Find comfort and peace as you enter; and choose a God based healing modality to restore love and balance in your life


Jeanne will open and clear your chakra energy centers with a gentle motion of energy that flows from Divine source through her hands. Spirit and loved ones will offer gentle guidance and loving messages to support you on your healing journey. - ALL AGES


This is a God based private or small group reading where Spirit and loved ones will offer personal messages and loving guidance for you to implement practical changes in your life that will support you in your healing and growth. Come prepared with questions for Spirit. Family members of a deceased loved one often gather together for a small group reading.

GROUP MEDIUM READING An Evening with Spirit

These small intimate group reading events open you up to receive healing messages that can assist you in moving through current challenges you are experiencing in life. Each individual participant will have a personal reading and at the end of the group session will be offered the opportunity to ask questions of Spirit while remaining in the safety of this loving energy circle.


This healing technique combines the use of essential oils, light touch and Reiki energy work to restore balance. The essential oils are applied in a scientifically studied and designed order with a systematic practice of application. This is combined with intuitive and divinely guided energy movement to provide the recipient with a release of tension and a restored sense of balance.


Private counseling sessions that gently guides the client to the fundamental truths of love, known also as the soul’s sacred contract. Through the guidance of Spirit, woven with Reiki, and the tools of traditional Clinical Counseling.


Experience radiant health, energy and vitality by implementing your personal Spiritual guided nutritional messages into your life.


Creating art is a type of meditation, freeing yourself from the worry and the tension of day to day life. It allows you to connect with your inner true self.

A variety of classes and workshops are being offered. Guided art instruction and supplies are included. Private lessons are also available. ALL LEVELS WELCOME


At the moment you were born the planets, all aligned in a configuration that is totally unique to you. This configuration holds its own unique “blueprint”. Carly will review your birth chart and go over key points. She will share guidance on your life path and where you could be focusing your energies. She will point out your strengths and points that may be more challenging for you. She can give you encouragement and perspective on how to learn the lessons in front of you as you move forward on your journey.
*Please note you will need to provide your date, place and time of birth (given a few days before reading)


Relax your mind, body and soul during this group meditative event with a gentle guided meditation followed with medium readings and Angelic messages.


Jeanne Street- Founder

Spiritual Medium, Healer and Author

Kari Del Vecchio- Co-Founder

Artist/Designer, Art Instructor, Reiki Master

Colleen Fairchild

Team Member

Heather Winston

Team Member

Carly Hilliard

Team Member


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