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“God calls us each to do our part, to first love and heal ourselves and then to love and help through our service to others spreading God’s unending healing love.”

-Jeanne Street owner of Inspirit Healing Studio



Internationally acclaimed Spiritual medium, healer, author and transformational speaker, Jeanne Street is a Catholic girl in an Angel world. Working with the Spiritual realm, she focuses on embodying the Holy Spirit with Divine compassion, and with gratitude and love connects women with their loved ones in Heaven.

Known as the Angel Whisperer, Jeanne has connected with Spirit since she was a small child, and it is her mission to live a life of service, compassion, gratitude, and love.

Jeanne’s awakening to Spirit’s voice became part of her everyday life in 2007. Just as quickly as it had shut down out of fear years before when she was a child, it returned with a gentle, loving feeling that renewed her connection and offered a new enlightened perspective.

Jeanne had “woken up”. She felt unfulfilled and had a sense of being disconnected to her soul-self. Although she had heard and felt Spirit’s whispers and nudges before, this time she decided to listen. One message led to another, then another.

Spirit’s guidance led Jeanne to what are now known as The Goddess You Principles, principles which aligned Jeanne to her soul’s truths. Spirit also began bringing people into her path that would open her view to the world of metaphysical studies, and a deeper and clearer understanding the gift of connecting to Spirit.

Jeanne’s work as medium and healer began shortly after these nudges started. Through her connection and clear knowing, her sessions and readings are precise and detailed. For over ten years Jeanne has helped individuals navigate through difficult events in their lives. Jeanne’s deepest desire is to be able to help people to heal their pain and trauma.

Jeanne provides connection to Spirit, Angels and departed loved ones through private and small group readings, large group events, Divine lifestyle products & accessories, and vast resources that are available to members of the Goddess Youniversity.

Her loving and accurate connections have transformed the lives of Jeanne’s clients as well as her live audience on her Facebook LIVE show Angels Don't Lie  .

Jeanne resides in Connecticut, and closest to her heart and greatest source of love and pride are her devoted husband, her four grown children, her daughter and son in law, and her four gorgeous grandchildren.

Spiritual, God loving, fun, motivational, and a loyal dear friend to many, wherever there is a need, Jeanne finds a way to lend a helping hand.






LPC, HypnoBirthing ® Certified Educator and a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator

Lana LaChance is an artist at being in the moment and purposefully aware of her clients’ needs. She supports others in connecting with their true intention and invites them to their life.

Lana’s natural curiosity for people, who they are and who they want to be, is supported by her compassionate and inquisitive nature. She will gently guide and respectfully challenge-- -walking with you down your pathof self-discovery and self-care.

Mindfulness practice is an integral part of her work. The mind, body, and spirit are one and she provides support in connecting the three-- -this helps us to heal from trauma and negative experiences. Some of her offerings that support this goal include Yoga Nidra, Emotional Freedom Therapy, and doTerra essential oils.

Helping to heal families is a personal passion for Marie-Alana. Home is where the heart is and she promotes conscious awareness in pregnancy and parenting. She is a HypnoBirthing ® Certified Educator and a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator. She is dedicated to educating and empowering parents from conception and through the developmental years.

She believes we are all a work in progress and through a trusting relationship she encourages her clients to grow into their full potential with the goal of self-compassion, empowerment, and transformation.

Lana LaChance is a wife and mother to three children. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor who practices at Inspirit Healing Studio. She holds a Masters Degree in Education from Springfield College and a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from College of the Holy Cross.


Artist, Designer, Art Instructor, Reiki Master, Co-Founder of Inspirit Healing Studio

Visual art has been a major part of artist/designer Kari Del Vecchio's life since she was a little girl. Treasured were her box of crayons and paper. Since those early days she has graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree  from Propersi Institute of Art. She worked at Betty Crocker Inc. as the Creative Services Manager responsible for package design/illustration.   She is an accomplished Artist, Graphic Designer and Intuitive and is proud to be chosen as one of the one hundred Connecticut artists to exhibit in the “The Art of Caring Gala”, an event to benefit Regional Hospice. 

Kari has published coloring books for adults which promotes the healing benifits of meditation, teaches Intuitive Art and has had her illustrations in published works.

Kari loves to work in different mediums. With intuition, positive energy and joy she creates her paintings, illustrations and patterns, and hopes the sensation shines through to the viewer. She finds inspiration from her  surroundings, funny things her teenage twins say or the influence of her youngest daughter's light hearted spirit, her work has been described as whimsical, colorful and fun. She resides in small town CT with her husband and three daughters.  kariddesigns.com